Welcome to KGB Kiteboarding & Watersports

If your first thoughts are of Russia’s former secret service... you are sadly mistaken. Candestine operations, waterboarding, techinical gadgets, espionage, and fancy galas are not our thing. Although we do like to have a proper sophisticated martini from time to time.

The acronym for KGB Kiteboarding is ... Kite Gear Box. We have been servicing the Bay area of Califorina since 2013, with our Box Trailer as our headquarters.

Our mission is not to discover secret goverment nuclear launch codes, but to provide the highest quality kiteborading coaching to our clients and supply the Bay Area with the best kiteboarding gear and experience.

Join us as we explore kitesurfing across the world!

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Summer Season Headquarters

3310 Powell ST. Emeryville, CA 94608

Saturday to Sunday

11am - 6pm

(888) 411 - 0732


Mid April to Early October

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