2021 Support Local Discount

So you are new and want to purchase kiteboarding gear. Congrats!!! Welcome to the family! Most people usually start to check out deals or equipment that they saw on their favorite social media accounts. But what you might not know is, the business that you give to online retail stores does not come back to your home kiteboarding spot.

Over recent years the amount of kiteboarding events held in the Bay Area has dwindled. Demos, races, and clinics are becoming less common. Why is this?

Running events and demos simply costs money. Most kiteboarding centers and schools receive their income from kiteboarding lessons, which keep their lights on and their permits paid. Without your support and business, local shops have a difficult time doing extra fun activities for everyone.

Kiteboarding centers are operated by people who have a passion for the sport. By supporting local shops and kiteboarding schools, you not only help them stay operational, but you help your kite community! 

This is why KGB will be giving a discount of 13% towards any Kitesurf Session or Kiteboarding Lesson for anyone who has purchased from a local kiteboarding shop or school within the last 2 years.


Present a copy of your proof of purchase by TEXTING a picture of it, along with your name, to KGB’s main number 415.528.2579

We want to see everyone succeed in our neighborhood, no matter what center they shop at. In the end, we all love this sport. Let's work together!


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