South Padre Island Kite Retreat
South Padre Island Kite Retreat
South Padre Island Kite Retreat
South Padre Island Kite Retreat
South Padre Island Kite Retreat
South Padre Island Kite Retreat
South Padre Island Kite Retreat
South Padre Island Kite Retreat
South Padre Island Kite Retreat
South Padre Island Kite Retreat
South Padre Island Kite Retreat
South Padre Island Kite Retreat
South Padre Island Kite Retreat
South Padre Island Kite Retreat
South Padre Island Kite Retreat
South Padre Island Kite Retreat
South Padre Island Kite Retreat
South Padre Island Kite Retreat
South Padre Island Kite Retreat
South Padre Island Kite Retreat

South Padre Island Kite Retreat

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Are you looking for the perfect place to progress your kiteboarding skills this winter? Look no further than South Padre Island! For the 2021 Fall/Winter season, experience the hidden kiteboarding gem of South Texas.

This year our kite retreats will focus on pushing your limits, trying new things, and experiencing kiteboarding like you haven’t before!

Ideal Conditions to Progress

South Padre’s Laguna Madre has ankle to waist-deep water for miles. This shallow water gives you confidence and peace of mind knowing that you can stand when you practice. This also creates some of the flattest water you will ever experience! No more trying to learn in choppy water! If the wind is consistent and you have the energy and determination, you will quickly learn to waterstart, edge upwind, transition, jump, and foil!.

Wind StrengthWind StatsType of ConditionsDifficulty Level

Expert Coaching

Brandon has been coaching kiteboarding and other watersports for over 10 years. His passion is to encourage people to try new things and help them overcome any obstacle.

Brando believes anyone can kiteboard! The key ingredients are persistence and being open to new experiences.


Kite Coach Brandon

Develop New Board Skills and try different Riding Methods

Take advantage of the opportunity to try new things! From getting your first rides on a twin tip, cruising on a strapless surfboard, gliding on a foil, or trying out the wing-thing. There will be something for everyone!

Jetski Assisted Sessions

Ride with confidence knowing that a jetski will be on standby in the area to keep you safe and to support you in your progression!

Loaded Jetski

Fun and Friendly

Kiteboarding is about having a good time in the water. Not only will you progress, but you will have a blast doing it! There will be nothing but support and encouragement!

Kite Buddies

Custom Retreats

Whether you want to spend your time in SPI kiting solo, with your partner or friends, or making new friends, there is a place for everyone! Our custom retreats can include one on one coaching, pairs, or groups. We will work with you to plan your perfect trip.

What is included

  • Accommodations at our nearby hotel

  • Unlimited Kiteboarding Coaching and Tips for the length of your stay

  • Unlimited use of the latest Kiteboarding equipment from Cabrinha Kiteboarding

  • IKitesurf App discounts

  • Free Airport Transportation (to and from SPI)

  • Photos and Videos

  • Island exploration - a visit to the Sea Turtle INC rehabilitation center, local Kiteboarding and Surf Shops (Remember to support the local community. We are only visitors.)

  • Game nights

  • Adventure and lasting memories

Who will be joining us?

Doctors, lawyers, techies, Trekkies, moms, dads, and people just like you all come together for a session of fun, progression, and meeting other folks who share your love of water, wind, and adventure! The supportive atmosphere at the house will push your kiteboarding limits, regardless of your skill level!

How to arrive at SPI

South Padre Island is located in the southernmost part of Texas. The nearest airport to fly into will be Brownsville/South Padre Island International Airport ( BRO ).

An average price of a round-trip flight from SFO is $300 to $600. This depends on the time of the year that you will like to join us.

United Airlines and American Airlines have flights to BRO.

South Padre Island

Once you arrive, we can arrange for you to be picked up at the airport. There is a 30 to 50 min drive to SPI.

Kiteboarding Retreat Dates

  • Nov 8th - Nov 14 (Women's Retreat)
  • Nov 22st - Nov 28th (Thanksgiving)
  • Dec 20th - Dec 26th (Christmas)
  • Dec 28th - Jan 3nd (New Year)

(*** These are our main camp dates. If you would like to come on a date of your choosing, please let us know. We might be able to accommodate your needs.**

Daily Schedule

Our schedule depends on the weather conditions and everyone’s rhythm. But we plan on kiteboarding as much as possible. Here is an example of a day…

7 AM - Good Morning

9 AM - Breakfast and Game plan

10 AM - Kite Time

1 PM - Break - Rest and Fuel Up

2 PM - Kite Time

5 PM - Wrap up

6 PM - Personal Time

7 PM - Personal Time - Dinner

8 PM - Personal Time

9 PM - Sleep and Repeat


Previous KGB Kiteboarding & Watersports Clients with pending Sessions

For our 2020 clients that have pending sessions, you can use your credit towards a Kite Camp.

3 Session Hours = 1 Day Stay


What do you need to bring

  • Personal Wetsuit (We suggest a 4/3 or, for the months of Dec and Jan, 5/4 wetsuit)
  • Water shoes
  • Personal Harness will be a plus
  • Warm clothes (expect the weather to be around 50 to 70 degrees)
  • Sunglasses, Hat, Sunscreen, and reusable water bottle
  • Bathing Suit

If you don't have any of this equipment when you arrive. We can visit an SPI Kiteboarding shop to properly equip you.

Extend Your Stay

If you enjoyed your Retreat or Long Weekend, you can extend your stay. (Pending availability)

Extended stays are $180/Day


No Wind Activities

Sometimes mother nature doesn’t want to cooperate. It's the nature of kiteboarding. Luckily we have some activities that we can do without the wind.

  • Visit the Sea Turtle INC rehabilitation center
  • Surfing
  • Mini Golf
  • Technical kiteboarding classroom work. (Kite repairs, bar tuning, rules of the road, board shapes, and kite shapes, etc…)
  • Board skills - (twin-tip, strapless surfboard, foils)
  • Beach fires and camping ***


This virus has really affected us in ways that were not predicted. There are procedures that we will follow to reduce the risk of infection and the spread of the virus.

  • Our Kite Retreats have partnered with Leaves of the Apothecary. They are providing us with natural hand sanitizers and wellness products.
  • We are only having a maximum of 2 - 4 guests in our Retreats.  (We will not have large camps of more than 5 people. Sorry!)
  • We will be cleaning all shared equipment. 
  • If you have come in contact with someone who was sick, or if you feel like you are sick or going to become sick, we ask you to do the right thing and inform us. We will cancel your stay and issue you a refund. Please take care of yourself and be healthy.
  • We are unable to house people experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or people with conditions that put them at risk of severe illness.

Small Print...

  • Airfare & Gratuities are not included.
  • Meals are not included.
  • There is a non-refundable Booking Fee of $100. (It takes time and energy to prepare a camp. Please be respectful to our staff as well as other potential campers.)
  • Cancelations - We understand life can be unpredictable just like the wind. We do allow Cancelations. (Cancelations above 15 Days - Full Refund minus the Booking Fee) (Cancelations 15 to 10 Days - Store Credit minus the Booking Fee for future sessions or gear) (Cancelations 10 to 7 Days - 50% refund as store credit for future sessions or gear minus the Booking Fee) (Cancelations under 7 days - Non-refundable --- Totally not cool!)
  • Cancelations Due to COVID-19 - 100% cancelation. Please be safe, healthy, and responsible.
  • Some Special activities are extra and are weather permitted activities.
  • Extending your stay is an option, but this depends on our availability. Please let us know as soon as possible. 


We are very excited about this trip to South Padre Island. We know that you will enjoy it too!!! This is the best deal that you will ever see for a kiteboarding camp!

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(415) 528-2579

Text or Call us

If you have any questions please send us a message. We want to get you to your kiteboarding goals!

Why choose us?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We have a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed policy. If you decide not to continue your kiteboarding sessions with us (or your purchased gear is not right for you), you can return or exchange your remaining sessions (or exchange equipment) within 14 days.

We want you to ride knowing that you have choosen the best equipment for you!

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