Sentry V1 - Slingshot
Sentry V1 - Slingshot
Sentry V1 - Slingshot
Sentry V1 - Slingshot
Sentry V1 - Slingshot
Sentry V1 - Slingshot
Sentry V1 - Slingshot
Sentry V1 - Slingshot

Sentry V1 - Slingshot

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Slingshot has finally come out with a new control system. The Sentry V1 is a control bar that is designed for a rider that wants a comfortable and clean control bar. Click-In Chicken loop technology meets auto-swivel line untwisting in this all-new control bar.


- Sentry V1 Control Bar -
- Short Freeride Leash -
- Quick Start Guide -
- Sentry Bar Bag -
- 3-meter extensions (only for 20" Bar)



Click-in Loop - Finally an easier and safer reload for a release system. Gone are the days of clumsy release systems.

New EVA Grip - Experience plush and comfortable grip for your control system.

New PU Coated Center Lines - These coated center lines create smooth and effortless bar travel (when you sheet in and out your bar) and added protection for increased durability.

Auto Swiveling Center Lines - The Ceramic Ball Bearing swivel untwists your center lines when you loop your kite, pop a backroll, or tumble under your kite. Having straight center lines is a relief when you kiteboard.

Simple Cleat Depower - If it works don't change it. Slingshot's cleat trim system provides plenty of depower. Great for all riders, even rider's that are "reached challenged" (Riders that have a difficult time reaching their bar.


Control Bar Sizing

17" Bar x 20-meter lines
3m up to 10m (High Winds)
20" Bar x 20-meter lines
(Includes 3-meter lines extension)
9m up to 12m (Standard Wind)
23" Bar x 27-meter lines
12m to 17m (Light Winds)


KGB Kiteboarding staff review

*Review Video coming Soon*

The V1 Sentry control system from Slingshot is a nice and clean control system. The Click-in-Loop is a time saver when you want to reset and reride your control system and the extra-long trim is great for all riders, even for fun-sized riders!
The auto-swivel is a system that is nice to have, but we feel that it is not necessary when you ride. One drawback is that you have to attach your center lines perfectly on your kite so that the swivel works and untwists your lines. Manual swivels don't have to worry about this. You can spin your bar to untwist your lines on demand.
If you are looking for a clean and comfortable control system, then this is your bar!

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