Litewave - Kick S - Kiteboard
Litewave - Kick S - Kiteboard
Litewave - Kick S - Kiteboard
Litewave - Kick S - Kiteboard
Litewave - Kick S - Kiteboard

Litewave - Kick S - Kiteboard

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The Kick-S twin tip from Litewave is a fun board that can handle many different conditions. From flat or choppy water, ocean waves, or days that are nuking... this board will not let you down.

This board is your go-to board for most conditions and will last you for a long time.

Beginners like this board because of its durability and early planning for waterstarts. Intermediate riders enjoy the smooth ride and huge pop capabilities of this board.

If you are looking for a twin-tip that will be with you for a long time, try the Kick S.


Paulownia Wood contruction 

Paulownia boards are some of the most durable boards you can find. The Kick S twin-tip can handle just about anything abuse you can give it. These boards will not break!

Three-stage rocker


To give this board a playful feel and smooth ride, Litewave Dave gave this board a 3 stage rocker. This type of rocker is great for creating a smooth ride and amazing pop.

Precision Channels and Concave Bottom Deck

This board has a very unique bottom shape. The hooked rails and a flat bottom concave give this board a lot of grip on the edges and pop for your jumps. Combine this with the channels on the built in to the board and you have a sweet smooth shredstick.

Choosing the right board size

Riders that weigh 100lbs to 150lbs
Riders that weigh 140lbs to 180lbs
Riders that weigh 170lbs to 210lbs
*If you like to ride with alot of power in your kite, we recommend choosing a size down.*



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