We Are Open!!!

Within the last 6 months of 2020, we have experienced some paramount events. Volcano eruptions, Australian bushfires, Global COVID-19 pandemic, new words such as 'social distancing', face masks, Murder Hornets, more political unrest, and now protests for the insensitive murder of George Floyd.

It can be safe to say... we are all under severe stress these days. The world can be a very harsh and cruel place, but it is important to express ourselves constructively and find what makes us happy.

Thankfully with the sport of kiteboarding... we have an outlet. The sport has a way of bringing a smile on one's face.

We are officially open!!!!

We have been given access to our marina and we will be setting up our shop soon to service your needs! This may take some time, but we are very eager to have some sessions with you!

I will like to thank you for all those that kept us going and shopped with us. It means sooo much. If you could use some good vibes, someone to talk to, or some much-needed recreation... give us a try.

Keep the Stoke Alive!


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