Shelter in Place Update - May 5

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!

We promised to keep you informed on our process of re-opening our kiteboarding center. It has been an adventure, to say the least.

Here are the updates...

1 - Working with a health professional, we have designed a teaching program that will be compliant with social distancing.

We will be able to teach "Never-evers" (Beginners) Taster and Ground School sessions using modified coaching techniques while still keeping our students safe.

We are working on designing a plan to coach Water Sessions, while keeping socially distant... but we have not had luck finding the perfect method. During a situation in the water, we need to be able to help and assist the student. Sometimes, in doing this, we need to be closer than 6 ft.

But we are still working on this. It also depends on how the County of Alameda and Emeryville Marina follow California's Re-Opening Phases and protocol. These rules change every 3 days. Uggg!

- 2 -

The County of Alameda & Emeryville Marina has decided not to open up the marina until the Shelter in Place order has been canceled. This is very bothersome. 🤦

We believe this has to do with other boaters, ferries, and fishing tours that typically have large crowds. 

We will be trying our best to revisit their decision and gain access to the marina. Expect an update later on this.

- 3 -

Standup Paddleboards

Paddleboard Rentals are coming to KGB Watersports soon! It might not be the exciting and thrilling action sport of kiteboarding, but it is a way to get out in the water.

A great place to use these boards will be Toll Beach Plaza in the early morning. (Always choose to paddle when there is no wind!)

If you are interested in renting a board or two give us a call. We will drop them off at the beach for you, cleaned and sterilized. 888.411.0732

- 4 -

The Wing-Thingy is coming! This is completely new for us. It actually is more fun than it looks.

We will not be giving lessons at this time for this upcoming sport, but we will show you some basics and let you see the Wing! Think of it as a Demo!

We will update you in the future about this!

***   ***   ***

Well, there you have it! That's the update! To stay in the "know"... check out our website, sign up for our newsletter, Like us on Facebook... etc.


Also a huge, big shout out to all those that have purchased gear and prepurchased lesson packages. This is allowing us to remain "open-ish" and ready to rock and roll as soon as we bet this virus!

Thank you... Muchas Gracias... Salamat!!!... Xièxiè!!!... Arigatō Gozaimashita!!!!


If you are interested in 18% off on kiteboarding lessons... NOW would be a great time to get your lesson package! Once our marina opens... we will end our promotion. Enter CABINFEVER in the shopping cart.


In this day and age... it is important to fact check. Here are our references...

- EBRPD website to check Parks that are open in the East Bay

- State of California's Stage 2 Phase
- PDF of Alameda County's Health Order

- SFGate Article about Shelter in Phase 2

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