Shelter in Place & KGB's Reopening

These are very strange times. It is difficult to keep up with all the updates from the State of California and County of Alameda. Information and NEWS changes very quickly.

Luckily, we are communicating with the County of Alameda, East Bay Region Park District, and Emeryville Marina.

With the recent announcement from the Governor's office, it seems that we are almost out of the woods. Some of the restrictions will start to relax on May 4. Great job Bay Area!

What does this mean...

Some outdoor activities will be allowed to return. "Use of shared outdoor recreational facilities that were previously ordered closed, like skate parks, but not others that involve shared equipment or physical contact." --- This is not very specific, but we know that some parks (and hopefully beaches) will reopen. Especially if the activity does not involve sharing equipment or gathering. No baseball or football... bummer!

We will start to set up our kiteboarding center soon, and are hopeful we will be able to conduct some Tasters and Ground School sessions. (Crossing fingers) However, we will have to wait until our marina opens to conduct any water sessions.

Hopefully, in the next couple of days, we will learn more about this situation. We are expected to have several meetings shortly to see the strategy for this Phase.

Until then... stay safe, stay healthy, stay sane, and Keep the Stoke Alive.

If you need to talk to anyone contact us! We would like to talk to you about anything... except politics and religion. No one wants to open that can of worms!


Just an FYI, our Cabin Fever discount will be ending soon. If you are interested in 18% off on kiteboarding lessons... NOW would be a great time to get your lesson package! Once our marina opens... we will end our promotion. Enter CABINFEVER in the shopping cart.


In this day and age... it is important to fact check. Here are our references...

- EBRPD website to check Parks that are open in the East Bay

- PDF of Alameda County's Health Order

- SFGate Article about Shelter in Place Order

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