San Francisco's Kiteboarding Season is Coming to an End

Wow! It has been a wild ride!

2020 has been one of the most demanding and challenging years we have ever encountered. First came the COVID-19 pandemic, then Black Lives Matter protests, training a new Coach, followed by super heatwaves, jetski malfunctions, theft of our Toll Plaza grass, then lighting charged storms, which created multiple fires across California, soon these fires filled the air with smoke, creating stunning post-apocalyptic skies.

Broken MangoBlade Runner Golden GateToll Plaza Grass

During these crazy times, we overcome many challenges and were able to share our passion for the sport to nearly 100 people. 20 of the 100 people have graduated and moved on to become kiters in the Bay Area!!! Wahoo!!!


We want to thank you all from the bottom (and tops) of our hearts for staying with us and making this year happen. We would not be here if it wasn't for people that crave adventure and stuck with us during our worst times. All of you made this year happen! Thank you!


Zane's Ground School Steven Walking with kite Toll Plaza session with Liz Cathy First water session Body Dragging in the Bay Alannah Daniela at Toll Plaza Patton Riding to SF Liz kitesurfing The Zims fly kites Liz with Pumpkin Danila kiting at Tol Plaza Patton!! Rory's first session


As Fall approaches and the clouds start to roll in, the Bay Area's wind will start to fade and wind down. We are planning to start up our off-season locations early. Check back for the latest information about the South Padre Island Kite House and La Ventana!


Thank you!!!!

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