Last Kiteboarding Camp for Baja

Well... it's that time of year again. Our Baja tour is coming to an end. We will be packing up and heading to San Francisco around Mid-March.

It has been a lot of fun experiencing La Ventana and Baja Mexico with our campers! We had some days of nuclear winds, visiting the many restaurants that La Ventana and La Paz has to offer, plus Whale Shark diving and ATV trailblazing!

 Flights to Cabo Under $400!!!

After some careful planning, we were able to create space for one last camp! Especially when flights to Cabo are just under $400 for a roundtrip from San Francisco!!!

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Camp Details

Since this camp will be the last for the season in Baja, we are offering this 4-day camp at a special price!

Dates : February 29th to March 6th

Spots : 2 Kiters

Kite Session Time : About 3 hours per day (estimated around 9 to 12 hours)

Included Gear : Kiteboarding equipment and safety gear. (It is recommended to bring your own wetsuit and harness. If you don't have this gear, we can provide them.)

Accommodations : Included (5 nights)

No-Wind Activities : Yes (Pricing depends on availability)

If you would like to take a quick escape from the Bay (or where-ever you are) and experience Kiteboarding in Baja... sign up today! Remember... we only have a limited number of spots, so book as soon as possible!

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