Kiteboarding can Prevent Viral Infections!

By now, all of us should have heard about the new coronavirus. People are talking about it everywhere. It is affecting the way we eat, socialize, travel, and think about toilet paper. (Who would have guessed that toilet paper was important!)

What is this new Coronavirus?


The virus that has everyone going crazy is called SAR-CoV-2, or Severe Acute Respiratory Coronavirus-2. This is a NEW type of coronavirus that we are encountering for the first time. If left unchecked, SAR-CoV-2 can develop into CoViD-19, or Cononavirus Disease 19, especially among people who have weak respiratory systems or compromised immune systems.

The Symptoms

COVID-19 has symptoms similar to Influenza (the Flu) and the common cold. The main differences is that COVID-19 can also present itself with difficulty breathing or shortness of breath. It rarely presents itself with a runny nose or sinus congestion.
Just like with any sickness or viral infection, the infected person should stay home and quarantine themselves, so others will not become sick.
For those who are not sick, it is important to strengthen your body, immune system and practice intense personal hygiene in order to stay healthy. This is similar to any ordinary sickness.
SAR-CoV-2 is just like any other virus, with the exception that it can spread quickly and develop into a serious disease that can be harmful if your body is not ready for it. To control the spread of the virus it is important to limit your activity with groups, not socialize with many people, and practice good personal hygiene.

One important method to increase your immune system is ... living an active lifestyle. When your body is healthy, it is able to fight and protect its self from most viral/bacterial infections. And... What better way to live an active lifestyle than to kiteboard! 

Who knew that kiteboarding can actually help you to stay healthy and prevent sickness!

  1. Natural UV light from the sun will kill viruses and bacteria

    While you kiteboard, any virus molecules that are in direct sunlight are broken down, and their DNA is destroyed by the sun’s UV radiation.* Some coronaviruses can last less than 4 hours on certain surfaces (though on rare occasions and under perfect conditions, the virus can last up to 9 days). Remember... this is with exposure to direct sunlight.
  2. Vitamin D strengthens your immune system
    When your skin is exposed to the sun, your body is able to synthesize Vitamin D. Vitamin D is important to create healthy bones and a healthy immune system that can protect you from viral infections. Get some sun if you can!
  3. Exercise and activity are good for your body
    Kiteboarding is a very dynamic sport. It can give your body a complete workout while you are having fun! While practicing kiteboarding, you can strengthen your cardiovascular system, just like any other exercise or strenuous activity. A healthy cardiovascular system allows your T Cells (white blood cells) to travel to infected areas of your body efficiently so that they can destroy and kill the infected cells quickly. Be sure to exercise when you can!
  4. Reduce Stress

    Have you noticed that when you are stressed, you start to feel sick? Stress can weaken your immune system and slow your body’s ability to heal itself. Kiteboarding and being outside in the air is an amazing way to reduce stress. That's why many of us kiteboard in the first place! Don't stress out about the NEWS... destress and go kiteboard!
  5. The Open Air Factor can destroy Viruses

    While this is still under debate, some research shows that outdoor air acts as a natural disinfectant. Fresh air has been known to destroy the influenza virus and other harmful germs. Get some fresh air!!!

Of Course, there are many ways to stop the spread of a virus, but remember… as more people start to carry SAR-CoV-2,  it will become difficult for all of us to avoid it.

Yes, the thought can be scary. No one wants to be sick. But if you take the proper steps to protect yourself and others. You don't have to stress. 

Stop stressing, eat healthily, practice social distancing, wash your hands, and go kiteboard if you can! We’ll get through this.


If you are stressed or you want to talk to someone, give us a call or message us. We are one huge family and are in this together.


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