Father and Daughter learn to kite together!

Our first kite camp, in South Padre Island, kicked off with super warm temperatures and a wicked storm surge from Hurricane Delta. It was a treat to kitesurf with no wetsuit and to experience 10ft waves in the ocean! 

Warm Temperatures in SPI

Charlie and Elin could only say for part of the camp but they both succeeded with short rides in less than 2 days. Those two days were packed with 5 hours of kiting each day. At the end of their stay, they were feeling pretty exhausted.

Charlie Body Dragging Charlie Riding


Because we had a hurricane nearby, it created light wind conditions for South Padre Island. But nothing that a large kite cannot fix. We used a 17m Contra from Cabrinha, 8m and 12m Ghost from Slingshot Kites, 10m and 12m Taina from StarKite, and the proven Litewave Wing and KickS boards!

Elin Bodydragging Elin's First Time Flying

Light wind flying is a very important skill to perfect. When you are able to efficiently produce power in light wind conditions, you will be able to extend your riding time. 

Elin at the South Flats Charlie on his own at the South Flats

At the end of their stay, Charlie was able to ride both sides and complete a self rescue. Elin experienced the power of the kite by body dragging and conquered her fears.

Checking out Sea Turtle INC Hello Mr. Turtle

It will be great to continue their kiteboarding journey, and share an amazing session. Thank you Charlie and Elin. For allowing me to share the sport of kiteboarding with you.

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