Mission - NeilPryde Wetsuits
Mission - NeilPryde Wetsuits
Mission - NeilPryde Wetsuits
Mission - NeilPryde Wetsuits
Mission - NeilPryde Wetsuits
Mission - NeilPryde Wetsuits
Mission - NeilPryde Wetsuits
Mission - NeilPryde Wetsuits

Mission - NeilPryde Wetsuits

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The Mission is Neil Pryde's high-performance wetsuit with maximum flexibility and ultimate stretch.

Experience great freedom of movement and no restriction thanks to the DriFlex Neoprene while the stretchy expansion panels on the forearms ensure anti-cramping.



Wetsuit Technology

Yamamoto Neoprene

Premium Japanese limestone-based neoprene. Yamamoto’s neoprene is more eco-friendly, lighter and has a longer lifespan than traditional petroleum-based neoprene.

Its unique high closed-cell structure provides maximum heat retention, extra warmth and added buoyancy

Apex Mesh

Ultralight outer jersey that dries rapidly. Dri-Flex jersey combined with Yamamoto neoprene is the fastest drying, stretchiest, and lightest neoprene in Neil Pryde's range.

Expansion Flex Panels

Exclusive to NeilPryde, the EFX system allows the forearm section of the wetsuit to expand as blood flow increases to the forearms. Wetsuits with tight forearms restricts blood flow which causes cramping in the hands and forearms as lactic acid builds up. Increase your time in the water and endurance with the EFX system for the ultimate experience on the water.



Ultra-warm, fast dry and stretchy insulation. Its brushed surface provides next to skin softness and the unique pattern channels the water for faster drying properties and added flexibility. Includes Silvadur Antimicrobial technology.


Inner Melcto Tape

Thin and flexible inner seam tape to minimize water from entering through the seams while providing a nice next-to-skin feel.


Temperature Guide

5/4 = 7 to 12 Celsius or 43 to 55 Fahrenheit (Cold!!!)

4/3 = 11 to 18 Celsius to 53 to 65 Fahrenheit (Chilly)

*This guide is only a recommendation. Please use the appropriate neoprene thickness depending on the conditions and your comfort level.*

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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We want you to ride knowing that you have choosen the best equipment for you!

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