Litewave - Wing - Kiteboard
Litewave - Wing - Kiteboard
Litewave - Wing - Kiteboard
Litewave - Wing - Kiteboard
Litewave - Wing - Kiteboard
Litewave - Wing - Kiteboard

Litewave - Wing - Kiteboard

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The 2021 Litewave Wing is the most trusted board we have ever used.

This board excels in lightwind performance and is fun to jump with. Beginner kiteboarders enjoy this board because of its stability, while intermediate riders use it to go upwind wind in challenging wind conditions.

The Wing might have a weird shape, but you will never grow out of this 'shred-stick'.

Tip to Tip Concave Bottom Shape

The Wing is a very stable board to ride. Many early kiteboarders can find the confidence that this board will not be squirrelly. This is strongly due to the Wing's signal concave bottom shape.

Rounded Tips

No one likes water splashing in their face. The Wings rounded tips create a butter-smooth ride in choppy conditions.

Paulownia Wood Core Deck

Paulownia has the highest weight to strength ratio for wood and is reluctant to absorb saltwater. This gives the Litewave Wing strength and durability from tip to tip. Other boards are usually made out of environmentally harmful foam or fragile carbon.

Heelside Fins

This board was built to session in light wind. The most important ability to have when kiteboarding in light wind conditions is to stay upwind. With the Wing's heelside fins, the board has all the bite you will need. it is very easy to ride upwind with this board.

Choosing the right board size

Riders that weight 150lb to 220lb

Riders that weigh 220lbs or more

*The 165cm will give riders that weigh less than 220lbs extreme lightwind sessions*


KGB Kiteboarding & Watersports Staff Pick

  • Never will grow out of this board
  • Session Saver
  • Very durable
  • Easy Upwind
  • Local Company - Litewave Dave is an amazing person!

"This board makes riding upwind too easy!!!"

Brandon Green - Kiteboarding Coach


* Video Review Coming Soon *

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