Closeout - AV8 - Cabrinha
Closeout - AV8 - Cabrinha
Closeout - AV8 - Cabrinha

Closeout - AV8 - Cabrinha

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The AV8 is designed for riders looking for an efficient kite to foil or reach atmospheric heights while sending it to the moon!

The AV8 kite is a highly efficient 5 strut power source that can facilitate an incredibly high VMG (Velocity Made Good). Its lean profiles and optimized AR deliver the highest level of performance in a lightweight inflatable structure. Simply put... it rockets upwind, likes to go fast, and is a jumping machine!

The AV8's flat arc shape makes it ideal for huge lofty jumps combined with silky smooth landings.

Note - If you are looking for a kite to handlepass and through down some Freestyle, please choose another kite. This kite was made to go fast and boost above your friends!

Kite Size vs Wind Range

9m = 15 to 28 knots
11m = 12 to 25 knots
14m = 10 to 18 knots

Recommended Bar Sizes

Medium Bar (44-52) = 9m to 11m
Large Bar (52-60) = 14m


  • High Tenacity Dacron - The kite's material enhances its arc stability
  • Huge Hang Times - Ridiculously high jumps!
  • High Aspect Ratio Constructed Canopy - This makes the kite very efficient for upwind and hang times
  • One Pump Speed System - Connect your pump and pump the entire kite from one valve.


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