Kiteboarding Lesson with Jetski

Kiteboarding Lesson with Jetski

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Are you planning a visit to La Ventana, Mexico to explore the desert and prefect your kite surfing skills?

We have partnered up with a local Mexican kiteboarding center to provide quality coaching and an amazing experience!

What is a Kite Surfing Lesson like in Baja?

La Ventana is an amazing place to kiteboard. With long beaches and amazing wind... it is the perfect place to kiteboard!

Using watercraft support, we give you one on one coaching from one of the many beaches in La Ventana, Mexico. Depending on the conditions or your skill level, we may stay in front of a beach or travel downwind with you as you practice.

Whether you are learning to body drag upwind for your board, or stomp a back-to-revert... we can give you key coaching to help you succeed.

  • Prerequisite Skills - Basic Kite control on land or water
  • Maximum participants - 1
  • Session Time - 2-Hours minimum (Can add an extra hour depending on availability)
  • Required Equipment - Please bring your own wetsuits. If you do not have a wetsuit, this is okay. You may borrow one of our wetsuits.

Once you purchase this, we will contact you by email or phone to schedule your Session in Baja. This is only for kitesurfing in La Ventana, Mexico.

If you need accommodations, please see our Marlin Azul Glamping option.